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David Bellamy Gold Award

David Bellamy gold award  


New this year! Our Bee Pledge  

This year we have taken the Bee pledge to help the survival of this important beneficial bug. As well as taking care to provide nectar rich plants on the park we have planted a strip of wildflowers that attract bees at the entrance to the park. Furthermore this year we have added a bee barrow just for bees which includes many plants and flowers rich in necrtor for our Buzzy Bees.

We have also put up some tubes for masonry bees to rest in. If any of you want to do this at home they have to be away from vegetation and facing south. A local beekeeper has placed two hives in the conversation area of our grounds. More information can be found about this hive and how it works on the following page and in the Information centre.


As you may be aware, we have been awarded the Gold award for conservation by Professor Bellamy for the twelth year in succession. For those of our guests who are too young to remember Professor David Bellamy he is a botanist who regularly appeared on the TV promoting wildlife and conservation. He is still as wacky as ever!

We are very proud of this award and work very hard not only to maintain but also to improve our conservation efforts. This can be seen in many different projects and schemes around the park. One of our aims is to get our guests involved in conservation. This can range from encouraging recycling to respecting an environment that supports many different varieties of plants and animals that are often not commonly found and that you may never have seen before in real life. Some parts of our park are especially dedicated to encourage wild life to come and stay with us. Many of the boundaries around the park are deliberately left to grow wild so as to encourage a wide variety of species.

We have bird boxes up all around the park and believe that these, in part at least, have been responsible for a marked increase in numbers and variety of birds that you can see. If you observe our visiting cat terrorising the birds or bird boxes please chase it away as it gets enough food at home. The winter before last the field adjacent to the river between the pub and us was cleared. In recent years Himalayan Balsam has swamped this field in common with many riverbanks in Cornwall. This is not native to Britain and is very, very invasive. In spite of it having pretty flowers it prevents the growth of our native plant species. We are currently trying to severely reduce the areas where the Balsam grows. These efforts have proved to be partially successful with an increase in British plants


Comprehensive recycling facilities are provided to each cottage similar to your domestic ones at home. You can recycle paper, tins, plastic, paper and cardboard. We encourage as much of the waste material from each cottage to be recycled and provide a small box in each cottage to store the material during the week which when full can be deposited in a larger green bin outside.


Celia and Ray with Bellamy certificate

Celia and Ray receive Gold, with thanks from David Bellamy

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